Blackyoonicorn Press Announces Book Preview and Cookout With Writer and Activist Africa Yoon and Celebrity Chef Marja Vongerichten

June 20, 2021 at Dillingham Ranch, Blackyoonicorn Press will hold a three-day launch with activities for the June preorder release of The Korean.

WAIALUA, Hawaii, May 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Author and renowned activist known for her monumental running feats from New York to Chicago and Milan to Cannes, Africa Yoon, announces new book, “The Korean” Single and Obese: Then Kimchi Changed Everything!

The memoir details how she lost 110lbs eating Korean and vegan food in one year from Korean grocery store Hmart, the largest Asian grocery store in America and also a partner of Mrs. Yoon’s book launch. Mrs. Yoon opens up about the journey through Korean cooking, her runs, and a heart-wrenching period of illness postpartum which leads to miraculously rediscovering wellness through Korean cuisine.

Rewatching episodes of the “Kimchi Chronicles” from TV Host and Chef Marja Vongerichten with her co-host husband, famed restaurateur and chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten on PBS helped her on the road to recovery. “I was experiencing deep anxiety and I began watching Marja’s show each day. From this, I got the courage to begin making Korean food again.” Soon after Yoon began attempting the dishes made by Vongerichten and other famous Korean chefs, she became well. “I really credit her with getting me going again. When I couldn’t, she did and somehow that gave me permission to begin again myself.” Marja Vongerichten, a biracial woman of black and South Korean descent, is a Korean adoptee and the show saw her exploring her roots travelling across South Korea and making the dishes of her homeland.

Mrs. Yoon reached out to the chef on social media, and they began a friendship online that deepened during the coronavirus quarantine when many were cooking at home. Mrs. Yoon launched the “Korean Cooking Friends” Facebook group which grew to tens of thousands very quickly and often shared Vongerichten's dishes, show and book with members online. Yoon has also created an app that helps members make Korean food on their phones and tablets.

Marja Vongerichten is officially enlisted to write the foreword to “The Korean.” Yoon has asked Vongerichten to visit Hawaii to say thank you, cook the dishes together, and meet finally in real life.

The pair will meet the morning of June 20, 2021 at the Dillingham Ranch where Blackyoonicorn Press will hold three days of launch activities for the June preorder release of “The Korean” book which will be published November 17, 2021.

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